Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Apology - and some words of advice.

I have to apologise! I have been so caught up in all my school work recently that I have no longer had the time to come on here and revise. Which is a shame! I was so organised at the beginning of my GCSE's and now I've slacked and have to pay the price! So if any of you who are reading this and are just about to begin your GCSEs then I hope if at least if you listen to me, then I would have made a difference as all my efforts to revise on this blog have kind of gone to waste..

Okay so here's my advice *note - if you are already half way into your exams then try your hardest and try and 'make it work!" i know anyone is capable of this! Especially you as you are actually interested in doing well! (Why else would you be reading this? huh?*
I recommend you try and work out your aims in life. Whether you want to be a lawyer, an actor or a mechanic! Think about it for a while... think about it now?! but if your meant to be revising for something now I also have some advice to stop procrastinating (I do this too often): Pretend your a robot with no feelings and get on with completing your tasks your human master has controlled you to do! It sounds absolutely ridiculous but it was actually one of the only things that worked for me! Too bad I found this out too late.. grrr... Or pretend your in a film and your character is at the overcoming point in the movie! Your character is completely motivated! Pretending to be something/someone else I find is helpful as it eliminates other distractions as you have metamorphosed into a new character! And this character is hard working, and only priority is to work hard! I hope some of this makes sense! *ahaha* BUT TRUST ME - I want you to try this now or as soon as possible whether it is 11am or even 4am! Remember if you ever feel depressed or hopeless TALK TO SOMEONE even if you annoy them *which I'm sure you won't* feeling this way will distract you from your work! Prove yourself wrong! Know you can get whatever grade you want! Just try hard. And remember that it's GCSE's and one day when you do your A-levels you'll feel bad as A-levels require MUCH MORE revision! Think positively though and don't bother getting nervous for the exam!
Don't let a mock dictate what you'll get in the exam.. I got a U in my biology mock and in the exam i got an A! I just tried my best!
Invision where you want to be in 10 years time (fancy job? nice apartment?) and know that in order to get the 'luxury' lifestyle ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS MEMORISE a few things! Imagine that!? All you need to do is work hard for this short period of time and then you'll hopefully get the 'ticket' to achieving your dreams!! Most adults would kill to be in your position right now!!!!!!

Finally, you need to know that not everybody that does well in GCSE's does well in life and not everybody that does well in life does well in GCSE's. Your GCSE's are only apart of a small part (actually i will correct myself - tiny part) of your life! But try your hardest! Please! And do it for yourself! Pressure from parents and teachers are lifted off your shoulders, you need to realise that GCSE's are just a little game that schools put us up to, to test us! Some people win the game and some lose, and some outsmart the game altogether! Win the game fair and square or outsmart the game, but this is risky (think about actors and singers).
If you think that your main passion is something else like music or art go for it! Put all your soul into what you love, that is the way people make it! If you decide not to try in GCSE's you must learn to take RISKS! But people who try very hard in their studies are shown to be more likely take risks in later life.

But you are smart! Don't ever doubt it! Now come on robot and get a move on! *wink*

From your fellow friend going through what you and thousands others are going through right now! You are not alone.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Sorry Next post will be posted soon..

Sorry no new posts will be uploaded for a few days but that doesn't mean you should slack! hehe.. try a couple of these past papers and then after go over the mark scheme! Remember a lot of the questions are rewritten into new exams, so this way of learning will definitely help you with getting a great grade in your exam! But hey ho, all you guys are going to pass I know you will, you're on this site and looking around ways to learn for your GCSE, so I wish you luck with your studying for the next few days but for today it's Au Revoir!

 http://store.aqa.org.uk/qual/newgcse/pdf/AQA-CHY2H-QP-JAN12.PDF -exam '12

http://store.aqa.org.uk/qual/newgcse/pdf/AQA-CHY2H-W-MS-JAN12.PDF -mark scheme '12

Do this one now! I'm telling you! now! Time yourself for the 45 minutes aswell! Like in the real exam, see whether you get it done in time or not, (no worries if you don't, i'm sure you'll be quicker in the real thing lol, we all are!)
Here were my results: In this one i got 18/45 and I'm being honest with you guys here, even as that is low.. Because firstly i did this past paper before i went through all my work etc. and also I want you to know that preparing for this exam doesn't require much time. You just need an open mind and concentration for a couple of hours, because I'm sure if i redid this now i would get a much higher mark! (Trust me.) So try it out now, and don't worry if you don't do as well as you would have hoped.. it's a fact that everyone does better in the real exam xoxo

Thursday, 3 January 2013

C2 1. Structure and Bonding (Part Two) Ionic bonding

Okay I apologise if you don't like the fonts etc. on the post before, I thought it would be fun but i'll tone it down a bit but I assure you it will still look fun! 

Ionic Bonding
Ionic compounds are held together by strong forces between oppositely charged ions, this is called Ionic Bonding.Ionic Bonding holds together oppositely charged ions in Giant Structures. 

Above is an example of Ionic bonding Between a Sodium atom and a Chloride atom. As you can see they posses opposite charges. Sodium positive and the Chloride atom negative.
Then on the right we can see part of the Giant Structure or we can say part of the Giant Ionic Lattice. Throughout the Lattice or Structure strong forces of attraction act between the atoms.
Referring to the picture again on the left side there are diagrams of the atoms and below the positive or negative charge of its ions. Diagrams like these might be familiar to you! We can draw these diagrams using dot and crosses to represent atoms and ions like below:

It's also useful as we can see the gain, loss or sharing of the ions. As above shows that Sodium has lost one electron to get a full outer shell and Chloride has gained an electron to get a full outer shell. 
I also recommend quickly checking out this BBC bitesize page http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/science/add_aqa/bonding/ionic_bondingrev1.shtml which has all about Ionic Bonding in more depth and etc...

C2 1. Structure and Bonding (Part One)

I want this to be at the least, a tad bit interesting..

1. Structure and Bonding

 Structure and bonding consists of 5 different Parts. Part One in my textbook (Nelson Thornes AQA  New GCSE published in 2011 - I am following the order of the content in my textbook hopefully this is similar to yours) is Chemical Bonding. So.. Chemical Bonding, let's get started!

Okay so firstly let's take it slow..

Covalent Bonding - we need to know that when atoms of non-metallic elements join together by sharing electrons it is called COVALENT BONDING!!

We need to understand that Elements react to form compounds by GAINING or LOSING electrons, or by SHARING electrons. In order to get full outer shells = Elements which already have full outer shells such as the NOBLE GASES therefore do not react with other elements as it does not need to gain, lose or share electrons in order to get a full outer shell. Is that clear? If not ask for help in the comments and I will answer A.S.A.P!


This is specifically Revision for Unit 2 Chemistry AQA higher

As I didn't mention so before This is specifically Revision for Unit 2 Chemistry AQA Higher Tier.

Help? I answer your questions..

You're probably wondering what this site/blog is? This is a way for me to revise which i found very effective for my unit 1 Sciences.. Blogging my revision notes. I find teaching someone else helps me learn material faster and much more effective than revising over class notes which in my case don't make any sense whatsoever!
You can ask me in the comments any questions you have on the topics and I will try and answer them as quickly as possible! Feel free to share your tips on learning things.. etc.